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Dispatch System

An Integrated Trucking Dispatch System for Your Entire Business

Keep track of all your most complicated load details with just one trucking management software! From dispatching and mobile check calls, to shipping details and invoicing, Business Shaper Group does it all!

Manage FTL and LTL Dispatches

Create your FTL (Full Truck Load) and LTL (Less than Truck Load) dispatches in minutes. You can do one dedicated dispatch through FTL. You can add multiple loads to a single dispatch, generate separate invoices and BOLs for each client's load, through LTL. Business Shaper Group encompasses everything that you want to accommodate in a dispatch! You need to provide your freight details, choose the truck, trailer, and load type, enter the freight charges and decide how Business Shaper Group should calculate the route miles- ProMiles, Google Maps, Manual Entry. Once you create the load, link it to an existing dispatch, or create a new dispatch. It is that easy!

Manage Documents

We organizes all your trip-related documents in one place! Fleet Managers can view, download, or email Invoices, PODs, dispatch summaries, and load rate confirmations. Our contactless feature allow your BOLs to be electronically signed by the drivers, Shippers, and Consignees.

Assign Drivers & Equipment

Assign trucks and drivers to dispatches effortlessly and notify the drivers of their assigned dispatches. Choose the right trailer for your freight based on the freight capacity and purpose. You may choose trailer types like Flatbed, Van, Dump truck, refrigerated, double deck, etc. Business Shaper Group allows you to assign a trailer to a truck and assign the truck to a driver. When you choose that driver for a dispatch, his truck and trailer will be automatically assigned to that dispatch.

Routing & Fuel Optimization

Business Shaper Group helps you find the best route for your dispatch including the total distance from the start point to the end location. You have the flexibility to set the start location based on the last location of the truck or the pick-up point of the load. Add or drag-and-drop route changes in just a few seconds. Our Route Planner saves you time! It shows the distance between stops, expected travel time, and suggested time at each stop along. It also includes stop types like LOAD, REST, and FUEL STOPS. The Fuel Optimization report saves you money on fuel! It shows you the recommended fuel stops along the route, the fuel cost at these stops, estimated savings, miles per gallon, tax dues, IFTA tax, and more.

Check Call

When your drivers use the mobile app, We can automatically send check calls to your clients based on that drivers location! Check call notifications can be customized to send notifications such as Start of Trip, At Shipper Location, Enroute, At Consignee Location, or Drop-Off Complete. Each activity uses geofencing settings, so that when a truck enters or exits a location.

Driver Settlement

Business Shaper Group offers a flexible and straightforward driver settlement solution. You can settle your driver payment either for one dispatch or for a entire period of time. Whether it is against a hauling fee, advance payment, deduction or reimbursement, or the combination of these, it only takes a few clicks. The reimbursable fuel-ups, and other such expenses show up automatically in driver settlement. You can add ‘additional deductions’ directly to the settlements as well. All the payment transactions are accounted for automatically, which makes your account management easy.