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How ELDs have Improved Safety for Truckers and Trucking Businesses

How ELDs have Improved Safety for Truckers and Trucking Businesses

The main purpose of ELD for trucking is to improve highway safety for everyone. 

Generally, ELD rules ensure that drivers get the rest they need to prevent accidents. Because the device collects accurate RODS data, this advantage is possible. 

But the device has other ways to improve the safety of truck drivers and freight companies.

Therefore, if you are still undecided on the advantages of this authorization, please consider the following three things: 

Truck Safety Starts with You -

As a conscientious driver, you have ensured that your vehicle is in its best condition and plan your route before driving. All you need to do now is to focus on reaching your destination safely. 

This goal includes taking necessary breaks when necessary to ensure that you stay alert. With ELD, you will know when your time runs out so you can plan when and where to rest. 

According to NHTSA, the total number of incidents involving CMV has decreased due to the authorization of electronic recording equipment. 

In addition, approximately 46% of drivers report that they feel less tired at work. This major improvement reduces accidents and highlights the most important way ELD improves safety.

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Compliance is not the Only Reason -

Like many truck drivers, you may have delayed using ELD for as long as possible. More rules, more fees, more dissatisfaction. Who needs it? But look at it this way. 

Compliance is more than just following the rules, but keeping everyone consistent on road safety. However, since ELD is mandatory, you will be surprised to find that it helps your operations in many ways. 

For example, ELD can help plan the safest route to avoid high-risk areas on the road. It will also remind you of unsafe driving behavior. 

In addition, you can track engine performance to notify you of any potential issues that may become a safety issue. Fleet managers and drivers can use this information to identify issues that may pose a safety risk. 

Less Paperwork = Less Stress and Better Performance -

As a commercial vehicle driver, you have many responsibilities. Becoming a truck driver is more than just sitting behind the wheel. But how can ELD help you perform better?

 First, it will reduce the amount of paperwork you need to do inside and outside the booth. By reducing paperwork, you can reduce stress and make it easier to stay focused while driving. 

The data collected by ELD is accurate and automatic, reducing the burden of completing reports. In addition, data can reduce the hassle of IFTA reporting. Another stress problem you don’t have to worry about while driving.

Use TruckingOffice to get the best ELD for your business Generally speaking, on-board ELD makes it easier to ensure truck safety. 

But not all ELDs are as efficient or reliable as the vendors claim. Therefore, if you are looking for the most suitable equipment for your operation, please contact us via TruckingOffice. 

We not only provide high-quality products, but also provide the best technical support. Why is this important? Because if your ELD fails, you only have 8 days to solve the problem and avoid violations. 

This means that you must replace, repair, repair, or correct the equipment within the specified time. As your ELD provider, we help you quickly solve equipment problems, thus saving time and money. 

Truck safety and truck success go hand in hand, and we know what you need to do to do both. Order your Trucking Office ELD now. This will help make American roads safer for truck drivers and all ordinary people who drive.

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