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Freight Bill Processing Services : How it reduce your Workload

Freight Bill Processing Services : How it reduce your Workload

3PLs (3rd party logistics partner) usually face a number of glitches like bill duplication, errors in pricing or amounts due, overpayment, etc. prevent smooth operations and waste their valuable time, money and resources. Staff have to work to settle billing and freight payment issues, while regular productivity takes a hit. 

Outsourcing your freight bill processing is a simple and cost-effective solution to these issues. A reliable organization such as Business Shaper Group Corp. has the expertise and resources to handle data in a time-bound, structured and cost-effective manner. 

Why you need Freight Bill Processing Services 

If you Outsource your Freight Bill Processing, your business can gain some immediate benefits like reduction in frequent errors, improvements in processing turnarounds and a large reduction in processing cost. It will also free up company resources and infrastructure used for unproductive work. 

How it Works

We broke down the entire bill processing cycle into convenient steps, which are as follows:-

  1. Freight rates and other contractual terms negotiated by your company are stored in a secure master database.
  2. Scanned images or electronic files of bills of lading and incoming freight bills are sent to the processing team.
  3. Processing team extracts the relevant data from bills of lading and generates fresh freight invoices as per prescribed formats, when they receive bills for processing. 
  4. Processing team sorts bills of lading by date, carrier and category. 
  5. After this, these bills are mapped against the master database, where contractual rates and terms are housed. 
  6. A pre-payment audit on all freight bills, which validates bill details such as quantity and weight, subtotals and totals, taxes and other charges.
  7. Next step is processing the payments, validated bills are then sent for processing the payments. 

Our quick turnarounds, validation and quality checks help 3rd party logistics partners process freight bills on time. We also help to cut costs on infrastructure and resources and save their thousands of dollars. 

An extra advantage of utilizing our bill preparing administrations is the measure of helpful information which can be investigated to see how your coordinations business is faring versus vital targets, the business sectors you work in, which vocation administrations are productive, and so forth 

Freight Bill Payment Processing Services 

Another convoluted interaction, as far as the measure of information and subtleties to be looked into and overseen, is the handling of installments for disbursal to sellers and transporters by 3PPs. Re-appropriating this interaction to Business Shaper Group assists you with following installment timetables and disbursal cycles, while handling many cargo bills consistently. 

Our installment preparing administrations is intended to handle installments in a coordinated way, with a mechanized framework stage, which lessens turnaround times, and handles bigger volumes of exchanges without expecting to put resources into increasing tasks and abilities to fulfill the expanded need. 

Our administration is likewise customized to help you make installments at the booked time and all the while oversee incomes in the most beneficial way, staying away from unanticipated deficiencies or spikes in volumes. 

This assistance additionally incorporates cargo evaluating exchanges post-installment by monitoring solicitations paid out over the most recent half year. With the data accessible, you can examine cash outpourings by market, transporter, cargo type and courses, and utilize the outcomes not exclusively to haggle new rates and costs with merchants; yet in addition sort out where and how you have overpaid on bills and raise discount claims with the specific transporter. The exactness and enumerating of the cycle is almost secure; consequently, our installment for administrations delivered is a particular level of genuine discounts recuperated from transporters, as a commission. 

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