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Top Canadian Trucking Companies for Driving Jobs

Top Canadian Trucking Companies for Driving Jobs

 If you are looking for the best trucking company in Canada, we have some suggestions. 

As a professional truck driver, you know that not all carriers are equal. Over the years, we have found some Canadian carriers. 

Their reputation and success, but more importantly, talked to thousands of truck drivers about their personal experience of working in truck driving with Canadian Trucking Company. 

We have selected a list of Canada’s top freight companies based on our survey results. We think these Canadian trucking companies deserve further investigation into truck driving. 

Canada’s Best Long-Distance Truck Companies -

  • Bison Transport

Bison is a well-managed and highly rated transportation company in Canada. They are headquartered in Winnipeg and have terminals in Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Manitoba and Alberta. 

They operate individuals and teams, business drivers, and owner operators. Bison is found throughout Canada and some parts of the United States. 

They have good equipment and are known for treating their drivers well, which is reflected in their low driver turnover rate. 

  • Challenger Motor Freight

There are terminals in London, Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Chicago, and Long Beach, California. 

They are a well-run company, covering various market segments: LTL, LCV, temperature control, flatbed trucks, heavy transport, super large and 

For individual trucks and equipment, we like the fact that they publicly quote the average mileage per week per department. They also have some hourly driving jobs. 

Challenger employs both company drivers and owner-operators. 

  • TFI International

TFI is a Canadian-listed trucking company with multiple shipyards in Canada, the United States and Mexico, and is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. 

They are a good carrier and have multiple job opportunities. 

The Highest Paying Truck Companies -

These companies have been in business for 60 years and are known for paying high salaries to drivers, offering attractive bonus plans and benefit packages. 

They know how to treat their drivers well, and they are all company drivers. Same as the owner-operator.

  • Erb Group

This Canadian carrier specializes in moving temperature-controlled cargo. Their headquarters is in New Hamburg, and ON has 10 terminals in Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, and Pennsylvania.

  • Mullen Cargo

Mullen is located in Ardrie, Alberta. It is a large publicly traded transporter that specializes in flatbed trucks, oversized trucks, heavy trucks, special trucks and dry trucks. 

Mullen has operations in Canada and the United States, focusing on servicing jobs in the Canadian oil and gas sector. They compensated their drivers well.

  • Trimac Transportation

A bulk cargo and tanker transportation company located in Calgary, Alberta, Western Canada. They are a large union airline with more than 100 terminals in the United States and Canada. 

As a union and a tank truck team, their remuneration package is very attractive. I worked for Trimac in the early 1980s and their salary was also high. One thing to note about Trimac: They often don’t run the latest models of equipment. 

Special note: Trimac has a CDL rebate program in the United States. If you meet the criteria of the program, please check their rebate program by visiting their website.

If you meet the criteria of the program, you can reimburse the driver for any truck driver training costs. 

  • Maritime Ontario

The airline is headquartered in Brampton, Ontario and employs commercial drivers and owner-operators. 

They have existed for more than 50 years-a mature company specializing in freight forwarding, temperature control and shipping containers, and has terminals in New Brunswick, Ontario, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec. 

They have a reputation for low driver turnover. 

The Top Transportation Company for New Drivers in Canada -

  • Bison

Bison runs the ‘Driver Completion Program’, which is suitable for drivers who have an AZ driver’s license and have little or no driving experience. If you are eligible, Bison will become a new one A great choice for professional drivers. For your program. Learn more about Bison.

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  • Midland Transport

Midland is a multimodal and temperature controlled service carrier located in Dieppe, New Brunswick, with service locations in Canada and the northeast of US.

  • H and R Transport

Its headquarters Located in Calgary, Alberta, it is mainly a cold storage, OTR and multimodal transport service team. They have a variety of business destinations, which is a huge bonus. 

A well-run small business, operating state-of-the-art equipment, employing individual and team drivers in areas outside of British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Alberta , Business drivers and owner-operators. 

  • Titanium Transportation Group Inc.

Titanium is a well-managed medium-sized company in Canada with 5 terminals in Ontario, specializing in dry cargo and flatbed trucks. They operate the most advanced equipment. 

They employ both company drivers and owner-operators. 

Thanks for reading. Now it’s your turn. Share your thoughts with us in the Comments.

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